Which Camera Do I Need?

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Of the many questions we regularly field from our clients, there is one that comes up more often than any other. It is a very pertinent question for construction project managers and property developers, and one that deserves a detailed response: Which camera is best for your project?

Before getting into the various types of cameras we offer and how their specifications meet certain project requirements, we need to look at those requirements. No two projects are the same, and our camera recommendations need to adapt to the specifics of your project.

Two Types of Construction Project Photography

Generally, CEECAM clients fall into one of two categories:

  • Construction project managers who wish to keep a constant watchful eye on their site. Live on-site monitoring meets a number of needs concerning project productivity, but two of the most important are security and progress. We manufacture a range of cameras designed to meet these needs, including affordable, low-resolution cameras that offer a cost-effective way for managers and their teams to remain in-the-loop about what is happening on their site 24/7. Additionally, many of our clients choose our high resolution security camera products in order to have clear, detailed information about the goings-on of their site, day or night.
  • Property Developers who are interested in creating attractive media samples to promote their work. These promotional projects can include time lapse photography covering construction from start to finish, or live webcam images that show work in progress as its being completed. Our product lineup includes top-quality cameras that capture stunning images of up to 36 MP, with bright, vibrant colors that make any project demonstration stand out in an attractive, professional manner. We also offer lower resolution options ideal for developers using time lapse technology to keep track of project deadlines or present up-to-the-minute results to stakeholders.

In many cases, our team at CEECAM is entrusted with choosing a set of cameras that accomplishes both of these goals. In this case, we opt for a combination of time lapse cameras and live stream cameras, using each to best effect for its intended purpose.

When to Use High Quality Time Lapse Cameras

Time lapse photography is an efficient and attractive way to show the progress of a construction site. Using high resolution still photography at a set framerate, developers can show every step of the construction project in a clear way. This gives developers the ability to produce marketing materials after the project is completed, showing the efficacy and speed with which their team works. Our team at CEECAM offers complete solutions for the deployment and maintenance of time lapse cameras, as well as the post-production necessary to combine images into beautiful time lapse video clips with stunning panoramic views of the entire site.

If you're looking to create marketing materials related to your project, we recommend using a set of our time lapse DSLR cameras. We offer a range of cameras suited for public-facing promotional and advertising purposes, with megapixel values between 16MP and 36MP.

When to Use Low Resolution Time Lapse Cameras

We also offer affordable time lapse camera equipment that operates at megapixel values between 2MP and 6MP. These devices are best suited to projects where only the most fundamental level of image quality is needed. For instance, a project superintendent who wishes to document the construction team's adherence to safety protocol may not need spectacular, high resolution photography to do so. In these instances, our lower resolution cameras offer the best value available.

All of our time lapse cameras offer on-demand playback options accessible through any Internet-connected device, desktop or mobile. Images can be saved, embedded, shared and emailed directly from your smartphone with only a few simple clicks.

High Resolution Live Stream Cameras for Construction Projects

Our top-of-the-line 8MP live stream camera captures crisp, accurate imagery and offers zooming and panning capability, accessible 24/7 through our customized web platform. A 4K live stream camera like this one offers a number of benefits to construction site managers:

  • Your team enjoys accurate, real-time monitoring of workplace safety protocols.
  • High resolution images offer detailed information in all weather conditions.
  • Work site security is guaranteed through 24/7 surveillance of high quality images.

4K imagery can be instrumental in protecting your investment from vandalism and theft. Perhaps you've seen news reports of burglaries caught on camera, but with images so blurry that the culprit could not be identified. Our high resolution live stream cameras ensure that you'll capture important identifiable information should a security breach occur—right down the color of the trespasser's eyes.

Combining Cameras for Complete Construction Site Photography

It is easy to see that having a combination of high resolution time lapse images for marketing purposes and a selection of live stream cameras for security and workplace protocol is advantageous for any construction project. We often produce combined solutions for our clients by installing and maintaining a set of rented cameras that include both time lapse and live stream products. This is just one way CEECAM offers value to construction managers and real estate developers in need of professional photography solutions. Contact us to learn more about our products and find out which one is the best for your project.