CEECAM Adds Live Video to its Services Portfolio

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Deploys New Content Delivery Network and Application

OTTAWA—Construction time lapse photographers of note CEECAM have moved into the live streaming video market by deploying a new content delivery network (CDN) and an access application for its clients. The application, named CP3, grants construction managers and real estate developers 24/7 access to live video of their various sites.

The goal of this move is to provide CEECAM clients with a complete solution to construction surveillance. Taken along with the company's successful time lapse photography services, it makes CEECAM a whole-of-life photography services provider for construction projects. Entire projects can now be faithfully documented both through archived 24/7 security footage and through professionally edited time lapse videoclips.

The company's new CDN allows it to stream the contents of its clients' live video feeds directly to the web—a construction company's home page, for example. This bridges the gap between interior workflow documentation and public-facing promotional content development, helping contractors boost their bottom line through a single service.

CEECAM's CP3 application allows for remote client access to each of the company's installed point-tilt-zoom cameras on any particular work site. Clients can control cameras using any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, allowing for efficient documentation of site progress and safety protocol adherence.


CEECAM manufacturers live stream and time lapse cameras for the construction industry. These cameras are designed to meet the specific needs of construction contractors, offering footage archival for a project's duration and allowing for the creation of time lapse videos to show the construction process after the fact.