CEECAM Launches New Website

  • Offers Clients Expanded Functionality and New Products

    OTTAWA—Construction site security and photography specialists CEECAM have released a new website. The move offers enhanced usability for construction managers and real estate developers looking for complete site photography services. The new website features expanded product descriptions detailing the broad range of tasks CEECAM products complete.

    These tasks include technical contracting for construction sites and the creation of professional-quality time lapse photography for marketing purposes. CEECAM's legacy product line includes both time lapse and live streaming camera products with price ranges that range from affordable to high-end.

    Along with the release of the new website, CEECAM has taken the opportunity to launch a modular all-in-one security product. This new entry into its product lineup is designed to offer complete security coverage at affordable rates, using the most innovative technology currently available. The CEECAM XSU supports between two and 24 individual cameras through a single mainframe—a first-of-its-kind entrant in the construction site security industry, guaranteed by CEECAM to archive a complete record through each camera for the duration of its deployment.

    About CEECAM:

    Founded in 2012, CEECAM offers complete construction site photography service, including hardware and software solutions. The company offers live stream and time lapse hardware along with editing services designed to make the most of its devices. Clients who opt for a full-service rental contract with the company enjoy unlimited technical support including the repair and replacement of faulty units for the duration of the rental.