CEECAM Launches XSU Construction Site Security Product Line

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Modular Security Solution Supports Up To 24 Cameras

OTTAWA—Canadian security product manufacturer CEECAM has released a new all-in-one security product designed for construction sites. The CEECAM External Security Unit (XSU) offers groundbreaking security coverage through an innovative modular system. The base unit comes with two cameras mounted to its shell at a wide angle and wirelessly connects to additional cameras, called XSU Expansion Units.

The XSU comes in two variants: the standard XSU and the XSU Mini, which connects up to 20 XSU Expansion Units through its own secure 5GHz wireless network. These systems start at $849.00 per month, rounding out the CEECAM product line to include solutions for every budget.

Unlike existing security solutions for construction sites, the XSU and XSU Mini offers both time lapse and live stream functionality. CEECAM makes this functionality available through proprietary software called CP3. The company also offers professional editing services for the footage captured so that clients can produce time lapse construction site photography examples that include the project or company logo, background music and distribution information.


Front-runners in the race to offer increasingly advanced security services at affordable rates, CEECAM offers complete software and hardware security solutions for construction project managers and real estate developers. The company also specializes in professional marketing photography services for construction sites, utilizing the latest time lapse technology on the market to produce polished, high quality imagery for use in promotional campaigns and stakeholder meetings.