CEECAM Sponsors Ottawa’s Rideau Canal Skateway for the Third Year in a Row

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Deploys Three Time Lapse Cameras on the Canal

OTTAWA—The Rideau Canal Skateway, known globally as the world's largest skating rink with 7.8 kilometers of open track, entices its Internet community with three time lapse camera feeds courtesy of CEECAM, an Ottawa-based camera manufacturer known for providing security and marketing solutions to construction site operators. For three years CEECAM has sponsored the skateway by providing its photography services through a proprietary content delivery network to the skateway organizers.

CEECAM has donated time lapse photography services to three locations along the skateway, at:

Website visitors from across the globe can see what's happening at each of these locations by accessing the NCC Canal Skateway website, where time lapse feeds in these locations have been made available through CEECAM's affordable 2MP time lapse cameras. CEECAM typically installs these cameras on construction sites and has its in-house editing team produce vivid, brandable time lapse videoclips after construction is finished.

About The NCC Canal Skateway:

The NCC Canal Skateway is a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering Ottawa residents and tourists the ability to skate its entire 7.8-kilometer distance in January and February of each year. NCC ice expert crews work around the clock to maintain high quality skating conditions by removing snow and keeping temperatures within the ranges most conducive to ice skating. It is also the official site of the annual Winterlude Winter Celebration.