For organizations that require a slightly more cost-effective alternative to the state-of-the-art 4K (8.3mp) Live Stream Camera solutions, CEECAM also offers a variety of service packages utilizing our customized 6MP Live Stream Camera products. You still enjoy crisp and clear imagery that is easily managed from a centralized dashboard location while benefiting from live stream video that is easily accessed from any Internet-connected device, including desktops PCs, MACs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Use 6MP Live Stream Camera to monitor the security of the job site after business hours or to evaluate the working conditions and safety procedures of your on-site staff. With simple zooming, panning, and tilting capabilities, this PTZ camera solution provides all of the flexibility and agility that you demand in a mid-range, live stream camera solution.

  • High-quality clarity with panoramic viewing capabilities.
  • 6MP in real time.
  • Irradiation distance is up to 50m.
  • Flexible archiving options with image markup and comparison capabilities.
  • Support three streams and up to twenty channels of live stream video at a time.
  • Monitor your job site in all weather conditions and from multiple points of view.
  • Email, share, and save images instantly.
  • Unlimited users with varying and pre-defined control capabilities.
  • Accessible from desktop and mobile Internet-connected devices.
  • Continuous support & training.
  • And so much more!

For high levels of resolution and clarity at an affordable price, the 6MP Live Stream Camera solutions from CEECAM help project managers to monitor their construction sites 24/7 for security issues of theft and vandalism, health and safety practices of on-site staff and subcontractors, and progressive analysis of day to day operations. Unlike our competitors, expert CEECAM technicians will provision, install, configure, and manage all of the required hardware and software regardless of your geographical location. For more information on our wide range of 6MP Live Stream Camera services, contact CEECAM today!


With the rental of any CEECAM equipment, installation is included at no additional charge in most circumstances. CEECAM is a full service provider, we take care of your system from start to finish!

Choosing a Live Stream Camera or Time Lapse Camera can be challenging. CEECAM has multiple models available to provide the ideal product for every situation. We've written a detailed Article that covers these decisions.


CEECAM offers both sale and retail on all of our equipments. For both short and long term installations, CEECAM recommends the Rental options, as Installation, Warranty, Service, and Support are included as a standard offering. We have a detailed Article covering both scenarios


Under most conditions, a Camera system can be installed in as little as a week. We work hard to make sure we capture as much of your project as possible, and a large part of that is planning, and executing a fast and efficient install.

CEECAM can design a build a solar power system for any install. These system range in cost and complexity depending on the environment and location they are being installed in