XSU Series

CEECAM's External Security Unit (XSU) is a groundbreaking surveillance solution ideal for construction contractors who need a reliable modular security system in place. Our engineers have developed a comprehensive security product that combines the most valuable qualities of our time lapse and live stream cameras in one easy-to-deploy device. The XSU is a scalable all-in-one system that can be customized to fit the needs of your construction site in an affordable and effective manner.

With two built-in high definition pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, backup power capacity and dual LED flood lights, a single CEECAM XSU can adequately cover the security of any sensitive worksite area, storing 500GB of imagery and connecting to any device through Wi-Fi, 3G or hardwired cable. The unit supports both time lapse and livestream image capture.

The true value of the XSU, however, is in its modular design. One XSU can wirelessly connect to up to 22 additional cameras, providing total coverage for an entire construction site in one package. Simply ask one of our product specialists about purchasing or renting the system with as many XSU Expansion Units as your site needs. Additionally, we make alarm monitoring options available through third party partners who can operate monitoring centers on your behalf.

The XSU Offers:

  • Remote monitoring through up to 24 expansion cameras.
  • Complete panning, tilting and zooming capability for all connected cameras through an easy-to-use web platform.
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi, hardwire, 3G or LTE.
  • Compatibility with 3rd party monitoring center services.
  • 500GB of archive storage, equivalent to 30+ days of constant surveillance.
  • Two Bright 70W LED flood lights.
  • Two-way audio through an included loudspeaker horn.

This versatile security product is ideal for construction sites of any size, offering a complete monitoring services scaled to fit the size of your site. Rent a CEECAM XSU and have our team install the device and provide complete maintenance and support service for the duration of your project. Our team will take care of setup and configuration, view adjustment, repair or replacement of failed hardware and alarm adjustements according to your needs, and ensure start-to-finish recording for the project's entirety.

With the XSU, you have the security footage you need to prosecute vandalism and resolve workplace disputes with ease. From identifying trespassers to determining whether important safety protocols are being respected, the CEECAM XSU delivers unparalleled functionality in a complete, all-in-one system. Get in touch with one of our worksite security experts today for a consultation on your project's needs.

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