The Ceeplayer3 (CP3) application is a control and display system from CEECAM that makes the process of reviewing, sharing, and embedding your construction camera system easy and intuitive. Instead of manually hunting and searching for the perfect series of images, you can visit any time and date to review your cameras snapshots. From the easy to use interface, you can review any single camera in your project, compare images side by side, or even overlay certain images to view progress and compare two different days during your construction project. Access control features are standard, and projects can be restricted by user, corporate email domains, or simple username/password protection. Logging is a built in feature, all user actions are logged by default, so you can view what individuals have been doing with the system. CP3 can even provide a delayed snapshot stream for use on public websites, project pages, or 3rd party organizations. This is a great feature for preventing construction site incidents or accidents from reaching the public domain before the situation can be reviewed by company officials.

CP3 Features Include:

  • HTML5 based application, No Flash Required!

Unlike many of the competing construction camera applications, CEECAM’s CP3 system does not require Adobe Flash technology. Everything is HTML-based, which means that you are no longer dependent on mobile apps for viewing on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Another related advantage is an easier to navigate system that is extremely responsive. No more browser or corporate IT restrictions issues to navigate!

  • Dual View capabilities

CP3 provides side-by-side image display capabilities for comparing and evaluating different snapshots of the same area taken at different times. You can use the CP3 application to select snapshots based on pre-selected time intervals hourly, weekly, monthly, or any timeframe that you like.

  • Quad View capabilities

For a more detailed review of the ongoing construction process, CP3 allows you to compare and contrast four separate images taken at regularly scheduled intervals. Quad view capabilities are a great way to get a quick grasp of the overall construction progress occurring on-site.

  • Split View

The split view capabilities of the CP3 system are a new feature. By using the CP3 slider feature, you can compare and contrast two snapshot images taken from the same camera. The split view option is a terrific tool for zeroing in on the most intricate details of the project to determine and evaluate any related or required changes.  

  • Custom Photosets

Our CP3 system is extremely user-friendly. You can download a custom time range of images, compiled into an easy to distribute zip archive instantly. This is a great feature for providing a series of images to marketing departments, security officials, or even law enforcement.

  • Quick Snapshot Refresh

As an alternative to live video, for construction sites with poor connectivity options, CEECAM technicians can provision and install an appropriate camera alternative to the DSLR-based cameras of the CP3, such as our 1080p time lapse camera. The alternative solution will require less bandwidth, and as a result, the visual clarity of the related images is of a lessor quality. But our CEECAM software provides snapshot refreshes as quickly as every 10 seconds to help compensate, helping you make the most of a difficult situation.

  • Live Video View

CEECAM offers a variety of Live Video camera solutions, allowing you to view the on-site activity from any Internet-connected location or device.  View live stream video from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet with secure access controls that are easily programmable with individual usernames and passwords.

  • Image Watermarking

CEECAM’s CP3 software also allows you to automatically watermark any of your snapshot images to prevent unauthorized or unaccredited use.

  • Delayed Public Snapshots

Because construction site accidents happen, CP3 can provide a delayed public snapshot stream for use on project pages or other public facing websites. This options company officials to deal with the situation before images reach the public domain, and even disable the construction camera if needed. This footage can then be reviewed by authorized users to help determine the cause of the incident, and what can be done in the future. We can provide a programmable delay, up to 48 hours, providing a two-day window of opportunity to disable the public posting of images that may not be in the best interest of the project, such as job site accidents or security intrusions.

  • User Control

CP3 system is extremely user-friendly. Manipulate viewing privileges instantly by assigning, deleting, or changing specific permissions of individual users. Invite only select individuals to view the application, restrict access to only your @corporate.domain, or have open access to all, the choice is yours.